My name is Jayce, and I’m not really a writer… and by not really I mean, I kind of suck. I am twenty years old (almost twenty-one), I am a full time student with a full time job at a dental office. I have three of the cutest little cats (though everyone thinks it, I am not the crazy cat lady) who make me a crazy person every single day! I am engaged to my very best friend, and I am obsessed with the love I have found with him. I am a very very optimistic girl, after I have cried about every single horrible possible outcome! I am completely obsessed with my two best friends, they are seriously the best people I have ever met in my life and I feel bad for them every day that they have seen me at the absolute worst. I am a very thankful girl for the way my life has changed and what it has shaped out to be. BUT my life in the past year has changed DRASTICALLY, and I think thats why I have decided to start writing about it.


A year ago I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE, and I do not say that lightly. The sad part of all of it is we don’t have an awesome how we met story.. It all started when I started working at a daycare in my hometown (stressful and bad for the immune system), I worked with his mom and my friend who worked with me said one day “if she tries to hook you up with her son, let her.” soooooo when she added me on Facebook, OF COURSE I started to do some creeping. A few days later, I told her “your son is seriously so cute”. BOOM! I got off work at 6:00 pm and by 6:05 pm I had a messaged from him saying “my mom says you’re cute and I should message you”….. You can imagine how red my face was, no one thinks so but I am a very shy girl! I also forgot to mention that AJ is a marine, so when he said “does a marine like myself have a chance with a girl like you?” I thought this guy was a total douche. Turns out that’s not something he would literally ever say. We went months of texting and face timing before I could fit into his schedule to fly to California to see him. But when I finally made it to California, it was like I have known this person my entire life, literally. And once a month up until now, one of us has gone back and fourth to see each other. We plan on getting married May 5, 2018, so for now I am staying in Texas and he is staying on base in SoCal.


OUR ENGAGEMENT! Seriously the boy did so good, I never thought in a million years I’d get proposed to the way I did… and I think that it needs to be its own post, so standby for a very very sappy post about how awesome my fiancé did.

I know that I haven’t explained to you why I think my life is chaotic yet, so heres one word for it… DEPLOYMENT! I know, it’t not scary to some, especially the military wives who have lived through them and don’t think they’re the end of the world.. I think differently, I feel like my world is literally crashing down.. especially since I am not spending every waking moment with him now, so these moments we could spend before deployment I am missing. I do have a few friends I met at the Marine Ball who think my life sucks a millions times worse than theirs do. I disagree, because I spend the majority of my time with my family or with AJ’s family. These girls are home alone when the guys are gone on these three week long field ops, and I wish I could just go to California and drink wine with them, cry, and talk about how bad our lives sucks. No I don’t think our lives sucks, we are in love with the most incredible people and I mean that with all of my heart. Anyways, the deployment happens sometime this summer and I am freaking out about it. That’s why I am here, to tell you my thoughts, how I make it through every day, even if you don’t care.

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